About Us

LISC is a national organization with a community focus. Our program staff are based in cities and rural areas where LISC-supported community development takes shape. In collaboration with local community development groups, LISC staff help identify priorities and challenges, delivering the most appropriate support to meet local needs.

LISC Phoenix was formed in 1992 and since its inception, has played an important role in the gradual rebirth of a number of blighted neighborhoods throughout metropolitan Phoenix. Working in collaboration with grassroots organizations, LISC Phoenix and its corporate, foundation and public partners, has created an innovative approach to addressing neighborhood problems in distressed, low-income neighborhoods.

What We Do

With residents and partners, LISC forges resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America – great places to live, work, visit, do business and raise families.

Strategies We Pursue

  1. Strengthen existing alliances while building new collaborations to increase our impact on the progress of people and places
  2. Develop leadership and the capacity of partners to advance our work together
  3. Equip talent in underinvested communities with the skills and credentials to compete successfully for quality income and wealth opportunities
  4. Invest in businesses, housing and other community infrastructure to catalyze economic, health, safety and educational mobility for individuals and communities
  5. Drive local, regional, and national policy and system changes that foster broadly shared prosperity and well-being

Latest Annual Report

LISC Phoenix 2016 Annual Report

National LISC 2016 Annual Report

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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