Our Approach

We play different roles in the development of healthy, sustainable communities, depending upon the need, the opportunity, and its strategic priorities: as a supporter, lender, funder, and partner; as an ally to others leading community development initiatives; as a coordinator of partners in the transformation of communities; as an intermediary between the public, private sector, and nonprofit organizations; and when appropriate, as a leader and innovator.

Through our Building Sustainable Communities strategy, we invest in transit-adjacent communities using a comprehensive approach that can help change the trajectory of disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Empowering Organizations

We leverage insight, experience and expertise of community groups rebuilding transit-oriented neighborhoods, and we help community members become more effective change-makers. We do this through financing, in the form of operating grants and working capital, and via training programs and learning opportunities for staff and leadership at the community development corporations (CDCs) and many other local groups with whom we partner.

Advocacy and Policy

Our on-the-groundview of neighborhoods and our big-picture view of all the forces that shape communities uniquely positions us experts on policies that help or hinder low-income communities. We are sensitive to the needs and desires of residents and have deep understanding of how government policies impact them.

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with grassroots organizations, corporate, foundation, and public partners at regional, statewide, and national levels to build alliances, secure resources, and influence policies to support the development of healthy communities in the Valley along the light-rail cooridor.

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Lending and Equity

As a Community Development Financial Institution, we provide capital to projects in low-income, disadvantaged and underserved communities at affordable rates. Our lending and equity products for community development projects along the Metro Light Rail cooridor include pre-development, acquisition, construction, mini-permanent, and small business loans, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, and New Markets Tax Credits.

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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