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LISC Phoenix is committed to four pillars of equitable development: affordable housing, economic development, healthy living, and financial stability.

Provide Affordable Housing

A safe, affordable home is a basic requisite of life. It is the key to individual health and well-being and the foundation for sustainable, economically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Affordable housing is the cornerstone of our work along the Metro Light Rail corridor.

Quality affordable housing

We have been dedicated since 1992 to putting high-quality, affordable housing in communities where the need is greatest. The light-rail corridor became our target geography in 2012. Our goal is to create new housing in an urban setting for low-income and vulnerable community members. We provide technical and financial assistance to developers and advocates, and we help our partners understand and use complex affordable housing programs.

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Development of diverse, mixed-income communities

Affordable housing policies to support low and moderate-income residents

We work closely with our policy team in Washington, D.C., to back bills and initiatives that promote better affordable housing policies. Our national staff is a vital link to help us the integrate new government programs into our work. We support our partners in taking advantage of key government tools for multifamily housing preservation, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, the Choice Neighborhoods initiative and new mechanisms for preserving Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties. We keep them apprised of new policies, skills and strategies as we advance industry-wide conversations.

LISC Phoenix's four pillars of equitable development:

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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