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LISC Phoenix is committed to four pillars of equitable development: affordable housing, economic development, healthy living, and financial stability.

Spur Economic Development

We support programs and invest in projects that cultivate entrepreneurship, attract new businesses, diversify the local retail mix and stimulate employment. It's the kind of activity that grows local job opportunities and incomes and brings goods and services to places where they're needed. Our economic development initiatives boost the health of neighborhoods and the regional economy of the Valley of the Sun.

Commercial and small business development

Our small-business loan program offers financing for everything from acquisition to equipment to working capital. We facilitate creation of commercial transit districts by helping local leaders, businesspeople, public officials and investors understand emerging markets, prepare for development and attract and grow businesses.

Activities that increase economic vibrancy and build livable communities

We construct economic development strategies for revitalizing commercial corridors along the Metro Light Rail line with MetroEdge, a LISC product that provides technical assistance, market research and analysis to community stakeholders and investors. We help neighborhoods, public officials and investors understand emerging markets, prepare for development and access the marketplace. Our approach inspires potential investors to take a different view of disinvested markets and helps communities take the reins of their economic futures.

The Skinny on Retail Corridors

Creative Placemaking

Artistic and cultural activities strengthen a community; they reveal and celebrate character and identity. We support residents' initiatives to make social, physical, and economic changes that bring neighborhoods to life and become places where people want to be. Creative placemaking is an essential tool for our commerical corridor work along the transit line.

Developing and implementing the Transit Village concept

We believe it takes a "transit village" to create vibrant and viable neighborhoods. Transit-oriented development (TOD) fulfills a community's basic need for efficient, affordable mass transitand attracts businesses and jobs. It maximizes existing infrastructure and capitalizes on new investments to create healthy communities. Our new transit village strategy taps the creativity of residents and brings together public and private partners to listen, plan, fund, build and educate communities about how to make TOD pay off.

The “transit village” concept will serve as model for integrating residents into labor markets around the transit corridors, supporting ridership opportunities, and establishing transit stations as destinations with quality goods and services that also serve as centers for arts, culture, and civic life.

LISC Phoenix's four pillars of equitable development:

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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