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LISC Phoenix is committed to four pillars of equitable development: affordable housing, economic development, healthy living, and financial stability.

Building Healthy Communities

We take a holistic approach to improving community health by promoting affordable, green housing, safety, good education, job opportunities, and financial stability. In pushing for sustainable communities that are healthy places to live and work, we pay close attention to wellness in all its forms.

Transit oriented Development (TOD)

Transit-oriented development, or TOD, is how we approach development around our transit stations and along our corridors. It is characterized by: A mix of uses, Moderate to high density, Pedestrian orientation/connectivity, Transportation choices, Reduced parking and High quality design. "Our Future is on the Line" preserves the transit areas affordability for existing residents while addressing Rising energy prices,Road congestion, Climate change, Shrinking household sizes, Increasing demand for urban living, Interest in green building and walkable neighborhoods.

Community wellbeing

Our Health Impact Assessment (HIA) planning tool provides insights and advice to communities about improving health through community design. HIAs informs the decision-making process for plans, projects, and policies that fall outside the traditional public health arenas, such as transportation and land use. The process helps evaluate the potential health effects of a development plan, project or policy before it is built or implemented. HIAs provide recommendations to increase positive health effects and minimize adverse health outcomes.

Sports and Recreation

A neighborhood dotted with well-maintained greenspace and sports fields also attracts commercial investment, and appeals to people who want to put down roots. Through our partnership with the NFL and the Arizona Cardinals, we make it possible for community groups to build or renovate playing fields. The NFL which provides funding, and we provides technical assistance and manage the program.

NFL Foundation Grassroots Program

LISC Phoenix's four pillars of equitable development:

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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