Our Future Is on the Line

LISC is using transit and equitable transit oriented development (TOD) as a platform for community development in metro Phoenix. Our 2013-2016 strategic plan, Our Future is on the Line, recognizes the opportunities for sustainable and equitable development created by the launch of the light rail system in our region. 

With the opening of our first light rail line in late 2008, transit became a new vehicle for transforming communities along the light rail corridor, with the potential to provide low-income people with access to opportunity by linking transportation, housing, jobs and economic development.

The 20 mile segment of our light rail corridor, together with the planned extensions, is the obvious choice to implement a Building Sustainable Communities model that works for a post-war, auto-dependent, sprawling metropolis that is emerging from the ashes of economic crisis and looking to its next growth phase.

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LISC relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions to assist our efforts to transform distressed communities into healthy and sustainable places to live, work, and raise families.

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LISC Names a New CEO

Maurice Jones, Virginia’s commerce secretary and a former HUD official, has been chosen to serve as LISC’s new president and CEO. He succeeds Michael Rubinger, who will step down after 17 years as CEO. Jones brings to the leadership role a career’s worth of business, management and policy experience and an enduring personal commitment to improving communities and the lives of low-income Americans.

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A Year to Remember

When it comes to community development, we often say that the numbers don’t really tell the story.

This is not one of those times.

2015 was the best year in LISC’s history, and the numbers themselves underscore an expanding level of local impact. Last year, LISC did more to fuel a better quality of life for low-income people than at any time in our 36 year history.

Read the rest of the LISC 2015 Annual Report at LISC.org 

Phoenix on the Verge

In the wake of decades of unbridled sprawl, the Great Recession and the foreclosure crisis, there's new light in the Valley of the Sun. With the right support and resources, and the commitment of steadfast community partners, transit-oriented development along the burgeoning Phoenix light rail could be the region's ticket to a sustainable and affordable future. Read the full story on LISC.org